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The Indo-English High School - Class of 1987

page created and maintained by Ramakrishna Sanka <last updated on: Feb 9 1999>

As is wont to kids of my age, I still think of school with fond nostalgia; and look upon the friends from school as the best I have. This page here is born out of such nostalgia. Here are some of the class of 1987.
S. Ramakrishna G. Chiranjeevi K. Rajashekar Reddy K.P. Shivakumar
R. Madhava Krishna D. Ramakrishna G.V.S. Prasad A. Phanisree

Ramakrishna "kitti" Sanka

E-mail Address Phone
1009-A1 Avent Hill Rd.,
Raleigh, NC 27606
After 10th moved to Alwal, Sec'bad. Inter at Loyola College, 
Mechanical Engg at JNTU Hyderabad. Wasted about a year or so
and finally landed in Mississippi State University in Jan 95. 
Graduated in April 97, with a master's in Aerospace Engineering 
(which I knew little of and remember littler still!) Went to work 
for Decision Consultants Inc. (DCI) in Raleigh NC. While working 
on a project at Nortel, got married to Aparna Sri (Vanguri), in 
March 1998. Moved to a project at IBM in July '98 and been there 
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Prasad "Ramana" "GVS"

E-mail Address Phone

Intermediate at Pragati College ... ? Been in the US with his wife,
since September '98 (??).  FYI: GVS == Guntur Venkata Subrahmanya !
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Rajashekar "Raja" Reddy Kancherla

E-mail Address Phone
Intermediate at LFJC. B.Tech. Computer Science from IIT Madras.
Graduated from Syracuse University (??) in 95 (?). After working
for 1+ years in NY switched coasts to Bay Area to work for Cisco.
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Ramakrishna drama Deglurkar

E-mail Address Phone

(512)-418-1851 (preferred)
(512)-342-3303 (work)
Need to gather this guy's stats ! After flitting between Texas 
and California for a while, he is currently in Sioux City, Iowa. 
But no mistaking where his heart is - he says : 
	"Don't mess with Texas" :))))
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Madhava Krishna "madhao" Rayaprolu

E-mail Address Phone
The best thing that ever happened to him: transferred from 
St.Anthony's to Indo English High :-) He joined Raja on the 
LFJC -> IIT Madras -> US bus! Ditched his Mech. Engg., prof. 
at OleMiss (Univ. of Mississippi, for the uninitiated) for a 
career in Comp.Sci. Ever since graduating from OleMiss he has 
been on the east coast around NY/NJ, for the most part with 
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Chiranjeevi "chiru" Gandham

E-mail Address Phone

After IEHS spent a while at Pragati, and then moved to Osmania
to pursue B.E. in Electrical Engg.. Landed in the US in 96(?) and
after a few adjustments, settled in UTD (Univ. of Texas, Dallas).
Enjoyed two great years there (my MSU roommate who stayed with 
him for a summer, testifies to it!) and took up a job in Kansas City.
Switched after a quarter to California, rooming with Raja and
working for SSG, who sent him to have fun in the Netherlands
in Aug 98, which is where he is at the time of writing!
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PhaniSree A

E-mail Address Phone (???)

The nightingale of our batch, Phanisree, finished a Masters
in Chemistry at the Hyderabad Central University. She got
married some time after mid-1994 (which was when I last met
her in India) to Bhavani Prasad Konuru, and is currently
residing in Raleigh NC. She is pursuing an MS in Textiles
Engg., with the full intention of ditching it for a job
in the computers field :-)
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Shivakumar K.P.

E-mail Address Phone

After a B.E. in Chemical Technology from Osmania Univ., he came
to US in 97 (??). After a short spell down south at U.of Alabama,
Mobile, ended up in NY. Currently in the process of finishing up
his Masters.
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page created and maintained by Ramakrishna Sanka <last updated on: Feb 9 1999>