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Ramakrishna Sanka

Padma Indraganti
In English transliteration (using RTS scheme)
  • Telugu poems
  • Some articles on "chandassu" (metre)

    In Telugu Script (requires TeluguLipi fonts)
  • Telugu poems
  • Some articles on "chandassu" (metre)

    Other related links
  • Music
    A brief note on the kaTapayadi scheme for mELakarta raagas
    Raga-Song List Version 2
    Films under Ghantasala's music direction
    Lyrics for many popular Tyagaraju Kritis
    Tyagaraju Kritis in Telugu Lipi
    Religion Hindu Deities
    My philosophical interests
    It would not have been possible to present the material in these pages
    without the contribution of many friends. I have also borrowed images
    from a few people around the net. I am very grateful to all these people.
    Thank you!

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