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"navayuga kavi cakravarti" gurram jaashuvaa

     There is no literate in Andhra dESa who does not at least know the name
     of Gurram Jashuva, the navayuga kavicakravarti.  This year is marked as
     the centenary celebration year of Jashuva.  There was a special session
     Navayugakavicakravarti Gurram Jashuva was born in 1895 in Katragaddapadu.
     Poverty was born before he emerged out into this world and was tightly
     embrassed by that ferocious devil throughout his entire life.
     Jashuvaas father's name was Virayya and mother's name was Lingamma.
     Jashuvaas parents' marriage was an intercaste alliance.  As a result of his
     parents' intercaste marital life, Jashuvaas relatives on either sides were
     not close to his family.  In spite of the social injustice enclothed by the
     prevalent caste distinctions and alienation from the close relatives,
     Jashuvaas parents did a fantastic job in the upbringing of the children.
     Jashuva had a brother whose name was Israil. Jashuva had to fight with
     poverty and social cruelties in order to go to school.  Ultimately he
     graduated with Ubhayabhasha Praveena (Pundit in both Telugu and Sanskrit

     Jashuva was inspired by Hinduism eventhough his religion was Christianity
     (as Virayya, Jashuvaas father accepted Christianity as his religion).
     Jashuva was writing poetry taking Hindu epics as basis and as as a
     consequence of this his Christian society was very furious (as Jashuva was
     a Christian, he should not go near Hinduism).  Finally Virayya and his
     family were dismissed from their Christian society.

     Upon listening to Jashuva reading his poetry, listeners used to praise him
     and his poetry.  On the other side of the coin when they came to know to
     which caste did he belong, the listeners used to get disguested.  Jashuva
      Jashuva was a school teacher.  Initially he lost his first job.  While
     suffering from unemployment, he still was writing wonderful poetry.
     During those times he was recognized by the literary and poetry lovers.
     He was employed again.  Publishers came forward to publish his works.
     He received donations to publish his books..  He was honored all over
     India.  As I mentioned in my previous article, Pamdita Cellapilla
     Venkatasaasty felicitated Jashuva and decorated his foot with
     gamDapemDEram.  Reacting to these honors and felicitations, Jashuva wrote
     the following poem:
      Jashuva followed strict meter in his poems.  But, his poetry is
      revolutionary (aByudaya) and reminds us of the poetry of Sri Sri on one
      side and Gurajada Apparao on the other.