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Mera Desh Mera Pradesh !!

0 Visit a Home page with info about INDIA , my home country.

0 Here is a site with a seemingly comprehensive list of India related links

0 The Andhra Pradesh Home page .

'Telugu' ,praised as the 'Italian of the east' is my mother tongue .

Here are some interesting sites for the Telugu speaking Indians !

0 maa telugu talliki

0 The Telugu Literary home page .

0 "telusA" gurinci meeku telusA ??!!

0 Bandi Srikanth maintains a cool database of Telugu fims. Check out his Telugu Fim Server .

0 Kiran Ravuri maintains a list of Personal Homepages by Telugu people .

0 Telugu Vani , a telugu magazine on the internet .

0 Krishnamurty Terala has a cool collection of telugu quotations collected from SCIT the Telugu Usenet news group, which BTW has recently become an automoderated news group.

0 Sree Hari maintains a good collection of links to various places of interest to Indians as well as lyrics of Bhadrachala Ramadasu kirtanas.

0 Learn the de facto standard transliteration notation for Telugu Rice Transliteration Scheme (RTS) , widely used on the net.

0 Check out the Rice Inverse Translterator for seeing in Telugu script what you have written in RTS.

The following is some work, in fact the major work I have done, out of my interest in Telugu poetry and literature.

0 This page features poems by

    0 Potana
    0 Peddana
    0 Timmana
    0 Tenali Ramakrishnudu
    0 Tirupati Venkata kavulu
    0 Gurajada
    0 Sree Sree
    0 Gurram Jashuva
    0 Karunasree

0 I have been using this notation for transcribing Telugu to English. Check it out !

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