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#translation by ϙŨ ϣ ž © (1995)#

 è¡ (1)
 ̍ ō  è é¨ ̥ 
ə Ϝ ç  ¨Ï ͮ á "
뛥 Ĝũ"  ©ť; Ϗñ͜; 
 ɞ ō  è¡ ©.

Standing at a flowering plant
Nimbly pulling a stalk aslant,
Ere I, to pluck, putforth my nail,
All flowers raised a piteous wail.
"Takest thou our life?" - Abashed
Was I Something then flashed
In my mind - a weird figment,
As a poem - "The Flowers' Lament".

 è¡ (2)
ũ  ¨ æ   ĩ 
Ħ Þ ħ ; Ħ 騨 ץ
Ʀ Ə ŧæϞť; ũ ħϜ
  Ƭɞ   ¨ .

During our short span of Life we
	have embellished
The species of mother - creeper that
	bore and cherished -
Swinging in her arms with gay
	abandon, shut eyes
When end comes - happily fade away
	at her cool toes.

 è¡ (3)
¨ ΧϜť ŏϟ ; ª 
¨ Ϟ ʬɞ  ɨ; å  
먍 Ƨ; Ϝ   Ş
®ť ϡ ͩť;  Ùݍ ʧ ʜũ!

We smear perfume and welcome breeze,
Feast with tasty honey the visiting bees,
Cause comfort and joy to the eye
Of people like you - free tho' are we -
Tarry! pluck us not with selfish intent,
Would you tear the child from its parent!

 è¡ (4)
 §¨ Ϝ ŧ Ï
ϙɨ ϙ ƞŨ  Ƨ
řōϞŧ  řŨ 
!  §  ™ũ§

Strangling us with wool and rings,
Piercing bosoms with needles and strings,
Adorn with us your braids fancy-
Alas! ye women are sans mercy.

 è¡ (5)
 ɨ ŏ ōť§ ŏϟ Ϟ Ÿŧ
ĩÜ ɨ č  Ǫ ñͦ; 
Ω ɨ ̨   ġŜ͙ å 
 §͜ŧ ! œÍ Ĝ  !

While our priceless and innocent,
Delicate, nectarean and fragrant
Life, for you is sacrificed and frayed
Withered and laid utterly destroyed -
Ravishing our youth, sweep with broom - Alas !
Is there morality among the Human Race ?

 è¡ (6)
Ş ʩ ƥè ©
   Ĩ ʥ?
Ϟ  ʬə Ϝϙ!
˨ñͦ ͦ!   .

In the land of the Buddha thou art born
of innate love thou, perhaps, art shorn
Oh, murderer, who slayeth beauteous charm,
Defiled is thy birth in human form.
{A free rendering in English of Karunasree Jandhyala Papaih Sastry's Poem
"Pushpa Vilapam" by Sri Kandregula Amba Prasadarao. Mailed to Palana from 
Calcutta Garden Reach, 1-15-1995}