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Acknowledgements :
I am greatly indebted to the members of telusA, the Telugu Literary 
discussion group, for providing me an oppurtunity to learn and keep
my interest in Telugu Literature alive. In particular I would like 
to thank 

Sri Pillalamarri Ramakrishna,
(for his constant encouragement and guidance),

Sri Paranandi Lakshminarsimham,
(better known as Palana : without whose vigorous contributions I could not have gathered many of the poems by Sree Sree, Jashuva, and Karunasree, I have listed here),

Sri Veluri Venkateshwara Rao,
(who made available to me a copy of the sumati satakam and posted many feminist poems on telusA )

Sri Paruchuri Sreenivas,
(who provided kuntee kumari and several other poems and encouraged me in this endeavour) and

Sri Prasad Chodavarapu,
(for making me aware of the existence of this group and giving me his constant support)