This document was obtained from Dr.K.V.Rao's Telugu Literary Home Page. The original document can be found here.
[acchulu] [hallulu]

Throughout, h = H.
alu (archaic) = ~l
aloo (archaic) = ~L
arasunna = @M
visarga = @h
avagraha (used in Sanskrit) = @2
na pollu (arachaic) = @n
null operation = _ (underscore) (view rts/doc/rtsdefn.dvi)

Syllable break = ^ (view rts/doc/rtsdefn.dvi)
Force combination = & (view rts/doc/rtsdefn.dvi)
For "sunnaa", (view rts/doc/rtsdefn.dvi)

tcha (allophone of c, now extinct) = ~c
tja (allophone of j, now extnict) = ~j

Notice that many letters have more than one representation. There is a great flexibility in how you represent a letter. You may choose any one of these equivalent representations.