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"Telusa?" is a forum for TELe discussion of issues related to TELUgu SAhityam. Constructive critiques are OK. The scope of "sahityam" includes discussion of Telugu literary issues, including historical anecdotes about Telugu writers. By Telugu literature we mean the full range of topics from ancient to modern, classical to revolutionary, prose, poetry, drama, fiction, non fiction, essays, science writings, journalistic writings, writing style, issues related to standardization and translation (from other languages to Telugu as well as from Telugu to other languages). I would also keep discussions about (a) teaching Telugu as a second language and (b) bringing Telugu into the information age within the scope of these discussions. In short, keep the scope broad. The goal is enlighten, educate, or entertain.

Ground Rules:

Telugu politics, Telugu cinema (save the literary component), missing person inquiries, matrimonials, and the like are beyond the scope of this forum. The tone of the discussion should be civil and professional. There is no need to drag the discussion into the gutter. For practical reasons, the length of a posting should be limited. I suggest one to two screenfuls of material should be a typical length. Using "Reply" command should be minimized, unless it is essential to quote the original verbatim. Everyone who wants to post should compose the piece separately, review it for their own satisfaction, before rushing it to post. Like in print media, there should be some oversight on what is being posted. At least a minimum oversight to discourage uncivil behavior. The threat of an editorial prerogative should be sufficient to discourage misuse of an otherwise powerful medium. Instead of empty discussion on the Net, we should strive to use this medium to polish our thoughts, update our facts, and eventually become good at what we want to say and then try to capture the distilled thoughts in the form of things that can be captured in the print media. One thing I'd dearly like to see is to be able to post Telugu items in Telugu script (I am not opposed to RIT) and read them back in Telugu script on my screen without going through elaborate processing on my end. That will truly make this effort useful. V. Rao Vemuri Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri University of California

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Send a mail to majordomo@cs.wisc.edu with the content subscribe telusa Similarly, to unsubscribe from telusa send a mail to majordomo@cs.wisc.edu with the content unsubscribe telusa Some more help on majordomo commands.

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A list of some of the Telusaers with a web page :

  1. Sanka Ramakrishna
  2. Prasad Chodavarapu
  3. Dr. Vemuri V Rao
  4. Jagdish Bisa
  5. PVR Narasimha Rao

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