Tyagaraju Kritulu

tyaagaraaju kRtulu

The various different groupings

These are the songs I wrote down from a 1948 edition of a
text on Tyagaraja's kRtulu. The lyrics are largely as
given in the book except in a few places, where I have changed
a few words to what I have most commonly heard being sung.

This list began as and still largely is, a personal selection 
of close to a hundred songs from more than 500 songs listed in 
the text. I am aware that many popular songs are missing from 
this list (most importantly the pancaratna keertanalu). I will 
make an effort to include the others as soon as possible. If you 
would like to see a particular song that is not here, let me know 
and I will try to get that song here. 

I also know that there are other sites like that of N.Sundar
that carry the lyrics of carnatic classical songs, but my
list uses the RTS transliteration scheme and also features
the songs in Telugu Script using the Telugu Lipi fonts.
In addition I offer several different interesting (I hope)
groupings of the lyrics.

Thanks are due to Smt. Ratna Kumari Vanguri, for making 
the book available to me!

Hope this effort helps carnatic music enthusiasts!


Ramakrishna Sanka