Telugu related links

0 Prof. Adluri Seshu Madhava Rao has embarked on a great project :
"An encyclopaedic site of Telugu Language and Literature."

0 The Telugu Literary home page.

0 "telusA" gurinci meeku telusA ??!!

0 Bandi Srikanth maintains a cool database of Telugu fims. Check out his Telugu Fim Server.

0 Telugu Vani, a telugu magazine on the internet.

0 Prasad Chodavarapu has a good list of links to telugu software/fonts, some of them authored by him, such as Rangavalli, sa.ra.dA lO rangavalli etc..

0 Rice Inverse Transliterator(RIT) is a program to convert text in RTS transliteration scheme, to telugu script through LaTeX and dvips. It is a front end to TeluguTex developed by Lakshmi V.S. Mukkavilli.

0 A web interface to RIT 2.0 is available. (The web interface to RIT 3.0 doesn't seem to be working!)

0 ITRANS is another software for indian languages - for telugu it uses Mukkavilli's TeluguTex fonts. A web interface for ITRANS is also available.

0 I personally like the ease of use of Telugu Lipi by Srinivas Sirigina and Anuradha Koneru.

0 CDAC of India also produces a whole family of Indian language software.

More coming soon ...